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Re: AW: [jwt-dev] Extending the JWT Editor with Extension Points?


I thought about my last mail. I think it was confusing (myself). The reason is that I am not very familiar with EMF so I am a little bit afraid.
Maybe it can help to divide the problems into different extensions.
One Extension is only responsible for extending the Model, and one Extension is for extending the UI Elements like property view.

The Extension Point for extending the Model can look very easy with one Interface like this structure:

 interface JWTModelExtension {
  public Object getModelObjectExtension(Object aModelObject);
public void setModelObjectExtension(Object aModelObject, Object aModelObjectExtension);

if JWT loads the Model from the .workflow file and reads extension data it calls for each extension the method "setModelObjectExtension" to inform the Vendor plugin for a extension to a model object. If the JWT saves a model it asks each Vendor Plugin for each ModelObject with the Method "getModelObjectExtension" if the vendor plugin suppors an extension data object and saves the data (in one file or many files)

So the control of the data is back to the JWT Plugin. And a Vendor have not to care about saving and loading the data. But he must support the Dataobject (aModelObjectExtension) in a understandable format. This is the point were I did not know much enough about dynamic EMF. Is this a domain specific object or is it a xml-chunk?

The other Extensions to extend the UI Elements like the Property View than become very simple because the vendor plugin holds the extension data and the JWT Plugin can ask any time for data modified by a vendor ui element.

Maybe it can help to start with designing only the model Extension Point? So also for me it would be more easy to implement my first extension for jwt.

best regards


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