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AW: AW: [jwt-dev] JWT transformations framework

Hi Mickael,

I had the same problems at the beginning, too. It is not allowed for a user
to delete or rename something on CVS (different to SVN!). Instead, one of
the admininistrators needs to do that or at least allow you to connect with
SSH to the CVS server, so you can do it yourself. I had the rights to delete
things, but a few weeks ago, their server has changed and I can't connect
via SSH anymore :-(
I agree with Marc that the name would better be jwt-transformation-stub than

Yes, you are right, compatibility is really very generic. But now we have
another folder on our CVS, maybe we can let the administrators remove the
compatibility folder then, just to have a clean CVS. And then, of course, we
should advertise the transformation framework, the stub framework and the
first implementation (as soon as it is published) on the website, too.

>>OK. Is my next step to submit a CQ by clicking "request" on my portal, or
is there anything to do before?

No, simply going to the portal and clicking request a new code. You need to
specify the details abou the code, attach it as a zip-file, say who was the
contributor and then a new bug on IPZilla is opened automatically and there
all conversation concerning the code goes on (this is only open for
committers, sorry for all others - Eclipse is currently discussing of
opening IPZilla up, but that still might take some time).

Best regards,


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> Betreff: [jwt-dev] JWT transformations framework
> Hello,
> I committed the transformation framework plugin, and a stub 
> transformations that uses it.
> JWT-XPDL and JWT-BPMN transformations should come a little later.
> I wrote a wiki page about transformations, 
> Feel free to criticize it as much as it deserves it!
> Regards,
> Mickaël
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