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[jwt-dev] JWT Workflow Editor 0.4.0 and AgilPro 1.4.0 available

Hi all,
I am happy to announce the first release of the Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) project. The aim of the JWT project is to ease the modeling, administration and execution of workflows and business processes. The Workflow Editor (WE) that we released is a first step towards this goal and enables the modeling of workflows that can be executed afterwards. In parallel we are working on transformations from/to the Eclipse BPMN editor as well as to XPDL-code. The workflow editor provides several constructs that are necessary to model an executable workflow (applications, data, roles, etc.) and provides different views for one workflow (currently a business and a technical view). It integrates easily into your Eclipse workbench and is itself based on the EMF and GEF framework. You can find more information about JWT and the WE here:
I am also happy to announce that we deployed the newest version of AgilPro on SourceForge. AgilPro is a toolset with a similar aim and consists of a modeling tool (AgilPro LiMo) as well as a previewer for modeled processes (AgilPro Simulator). AgilPro LiMo builds upon the JWT WE and is an RCP application with additional features. You can e.g. not only model your process, but also generate BPEL code from that process or create an HTML documentation from your workflow. The AgilPro Simulator enables to preview your process without having a process engine installed. It is a desktop tool which can open existing applications on your desktop PC such as the Internet browser, Adobe PDF files, OpenOffice documents, etc. The AgilPro tools are available under GPL at
Since the last version we made the usage of AgilPro LiMo (and JWT WE) much easier, extended the underlying meta-model, improved the overview page and added much more features which you should check out right now! I'd like to say thanks to my team for their support and assistance!
If you have any feedback or comments, please don't hesitate to publish them as a bug on the Eclipse Bugzilla (see on SourceForge or contact us under jwt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx or support@xxxxxxxxxx.
Best regards,
Florian Lautenbacher
-JWT Project Lead & AgilPro Development Team-
 Dipl.-Inf. Florian Lautenbacher
 Programming Distributed Systems Lab
 Institute of Computer Science
 University of Augsburg
 Universit√§tsstr. 14
 86135 Augsburg, Germany
 phone:  +49 821 598-3103
 fax:    +49 821 598-2175

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