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[jwt-dev] Interesting info about integrating ATL transformations in Eclipse tooling

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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: [stp-dev] Intermediate Model Code Contribution]
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 16:07:21 +0100
From: Stéphane Drapeau <Stephane.Drapeau@xxxxxxx>
To: STP Dev list <stp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>


Below an answer of William Piers, who is currently working on the m2m 
part of modeling, especially in the ATL and QVT-R projects.



Andrea Zoppello a écrit :
> Hi,
> It's not mandatory to use EMF Based Java Code, At the moment we've
> BPMN->IM  ( Java based on EMF API )
> IM->JBI ( EMFT JET2 )  - This trnasformation is provided in spagic 2.0 
> ( LGPL )
> IM->JBI Wsdl generation ( EMFT 2 JET ) This trnasformation is provided 
> in spagic 2.0 ( LGPL )
> IM->BPEL ( Java  based on EMF API ) This trnasformation is provided in 
> spagic 2.0 ( LGPL )
> I think it will be not a problem, to use ATL in future, the reason why 
> whe choose EMF Based Java code, is that at the moment it's
> the approach that i know better, and it's quite simple for me. EMFT 
> JET2 is quite simple and work well for me.
> Another thing you would take in mind, it's that when you've 
> intermediate model, and you want to have specific technology stuff, in 
> some
> case you need to made a preprocessing in the Intermediate Model, so to 
> adapt to technology details.
> Is this possible with ATL??
ATL can be launch in several ways :
- using Eclipse's launch configurations : by this way you can transform 
EMF models persisted as .ecore files.
- using ant : you can chain ATL transformations, and trigger any other 
actions during that process
- programmatically (inside/oustide of Eclipse) : you can use "customize" 
atl APIs to launch ATL transformations using Java code. For instance, 
this will allow you to use in-memory models.
Note that we intent, in the next months, to provide a more usable API 
for programmatic use of ATL. This will be helpful in your case, as for 
many users who often develop their own extensions over ATL.
> BTW Have you any detailed documentation about ATL, and how to use it???
Here is links to the relevant documentation :

This one is quite out of date (still valid, but doesn't contains all 
informations), so you also can refers to the wiki :

William Piers
MDA Consultant
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