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[jwt-dev] Re: EclipseCON08

Thanks Alain, very nice, I second that !

Btw I think we'll have interesting new features working by then, like BPMN compatibility and link to STP's BPMN Editor...


Alain BOULZE (INRIA) a écrit :
Hi guys,

Just a quick message to inform you that I've proposed a short talk for EclipseCON08 in the SOA track... Of course, it will be opportunity to point out JWT ...


INRIA is focusing on the development of a SOA-BPM tooling platform, unifiying SOA as a new IT paradigm with the BPM activities such as Design, Execute and Monitoring. This platform will include two main conceptual spaces, the first being Design oriented and the second being Runtime oriented, each separated in three overlapping layers (Infrastructure, SOA IT and SOA Business). The Design space will involve modelling services and processes with sufficient information so as to allow the connection and traceability between layers. The Runtime space will provision execution support for services and processes defined in the Design space with the corresponding level of support for traceability and monitoring information We are exploring using SCA enriched with BPM-oriented features as the representation in each of the 3 layers. We see Eclipse STP and JWT as central to the Design space of this approach, as a provider of the modelling support for each of the three layers, including injection of traceability and monitoring information. This information will be used in the Runtime space, and deliver the right indicators corresponding to each layer.

The concurrent approach proposed by INRIA supports simultaneous multi-layer views and allows contrasting of different perspectives ranging from usage to implementation. We envisage that this will increase usability and allow for better co-operation between the different roles involved in SOA development.

Le 31 oct. 07 à 14:43, Valdes Faura Miguel a écrit :

As promised during the meeting hereafter you will find the link to the press release around first Milestones of both Bonita v4 and Orchestra v4 projects developed on top of the Process Virtual Machine: regards,
Miguel Valdes
*BPM Manager* ** *Bull, Architect of an Open World TM
*1, rue de Provence
38130 Echirolles (France)
( Direct Line: +33-4-76-29-72-28
(  Fax: +33-4-76-29-75-18
(  Sec: +33-4-76-29-76-42
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Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 2:04 PM
Subject: temporary notes telco meeting

> ---++ Information about JWT topics each of us has been involved with :
> ---+++ Eclipse Summit Europe
>   * 120-150 poeople in the room, most were interested
>   * 25 minutes
>   * then many questions about code generation, metamodel, STP-IM
>   * looking forward to test it out
>   * 3-4 would like to join the project
>   * TODO build on this basis !
> > ---+++ SCOrWare Developments Plan and Start > SCOrWare meeting mid october, where was decided what is going to be done.
> What will be done in the next three months :
>   * BPM designer
>      * to have a BP (representation) analyst-oriented editor, to
> support more BP format / languages
>      * Obeo does JWT <-> BPMN with Open Wide (and Augsburg) support
>      * Open Wide and / or Obeo does JWT -> XPDL / Bonita using Obeo
> expertise on transfo and Open Wide expertise on runtime
>   * service semantic orchestration
>      * Open Wide does simple browsing interface in JWT for semantic SCA
> trading service
>   * generic (SCA) service and process matching
>      * Open Wide does JWT / SCA runtime integration
> > ---+++ PVM Updates
>   * mid august meeting : Miguel, Goulven Le Jeune, Marc
>   * Miguel still interested, no resource right now
> ---+++ STP-IM News
>   * STP-IM is a metamodel that is a tool for helping bridge STP
> projects (editors like BPMN, runtime like BPEL2Java)
>   * created by Adrian Moss at the start of July on the basis of ideas
> similar to the "pivotal metamodel" but with an initial orientation
> targeting rather SCA - JBI mapping
>   * very interesting and to the point for JWT, Marc still has questions
> on the execution, which will require strong collaboration between
> integrated projects
>   * JWT <-> STP-IM to be pushed forward, still what it will be used for
> (ex. intermediate transfo for Obeo's planned BPMN -> BPEL) has to be
> specified. With our own forthcoming expertise in model transformation,
> we will have these answers and will be able to make an impact on/with
> ---+++ What we've been doing
> ....
> ---+++ Milestones on JWT level
>   * Question from Florian : what has do be done before a release in
> eclipse ?
>   * commit in mid-november
>   * release in the upcoming months to capitalize on eclipse summit etc.
> ---++ Ideas and plans, in order to ensure we stay in sync on a higher
> level :
> ---+++ Vision, notably JWT for SOA
> ---+++ Technologies
>   * AgilPro (WAM : end of the year, linked to BPEL generation)
>   * Bonita (integration Petals ESB - Bonita done by Open Wide)
>   * transformation : done using Acceleo (code generation) or ATL (model
> transformation)
>   * GMF
>   * BPDM (another year would be needed, complex : many concepts mainly
> not used but... 300-400 pages)
>   * Obeo plans to do BPMN -> BPEL (STP runtime) transformation
> ---++ A list of actions to take will be a suitable final thing to do.
>   * notes
>   * costs
>   * our complement to specs for Obeo, discuss it together BPMN JWT
>   * Florian how to start JWT on the wiki, from svn or from sf
>   * Florian sends paper about BPEL generation

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