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Re: [jwt-dev] AW: Eclipse Summit Europe slides - Open Wide

Hi Florian,

Congrats for a successful presentation.


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From: Florian Lautenbacher <florian.lautenbacher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Marc Dutoo <marc.dutoo@xxxxxxxxxxx>; Java Workflow Toolbox <jwt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2007 2:40:45 PM
Subject: [jwt-dev] AW: Eclipse Summit Europe slides - Open Wide

Hi Marc, hi all,

the presentation yesterday at the Eclipse Summit Europe went well. There had
been plenty of people (no seats available anymore in a room that offers
something like 80-100 seats - is that correct, Alain?) and all were very
interested in our project and I had to answer many questions afterwards. I
will upload the presentation slides and the screencast I showed there to our
homepage and will then go on working on the Workflow Editor again. Please
note that the source code for WE is already available on the Eclipse CVS and
during the next week(s) we will also publish the plugins packaged as
JAR-files so everybody can download them. But probably before, there will be
a release review, I guess. Additionally, there will be a new version of the
AgilPro LiMo and Simulator available on the sourceforge site
( soon.

Best regards,


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Von: Marc Dutoo [mailto:marc.dutoo@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Gesendet: 11 October 2007 11:01
An: Java Workflow Toolbox
Cc: Florian Lautenbacher
Betreff: Re: Eclipse Summit Europe slides - Open Wide

Good luck for today's presentation Florian !

Say hi for me to everybody ^^

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Alain BOULZE (INRIA) a écrit :
> Hello Marc,
> Le 8 oct. 07 à 15:59, Marc Dutoo a écrit :
>> Hello Alain,
>> Thanks very much for this partner projects-related information.
>> We'll handle that from there. I'll let Florian see how they can be 
>> included without going overtime etc. since he's the one who'll speak !
> Yes, indeed. I can too discuss with Florian during the Summit, before 
> his speech. Looking forward to meeting Florian in Ludwigsburg, and 
> drinking with him some of the famous German beers -;)
> Regards,
> -Alain
>> Regards
>> Marc Dutoo
>> Open Wide
>> Alain BOULZE (INRIA) a écrit :
>>> Hi Marc and all,
>>> Here are some further slides related to SCOrWare and STP-IM. Feel 
>>> free to use them if any interest for JWT Regards,
>>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> ----
>>> --
>>> Alain BOULZE
>>> ObjectWeb @ INRIA
>>> SOA Project Coordinator
>>> alain.boulze at
>>> tel.:+33 4 76 61 54 65
>>> fax:+33 4 76 61 52 52
>>> cel:+33 6 21 09 43 66
>>> Le 4 oct. 07 à 17:13, Marc Dutoo a écrit :
>>>> Alain : feel free to tune the JWT for SOA part, for example adding 
>>>> more about SCOrWare ; or add / link more to the STP-IM part.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Marc Dutoo
>>>> Open Wide
>>>> <EclipseSummitEurope2007_JWT_presentation_v0_1_mdutoo.ppt>
>>> =

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