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[jwt-dev] Minutes Telco Yesterday

Hi all,
yesterday Marc and I had another checkpoint Telco concerning JWT:
> Open Wide will provide one to two persons for the JWT project (e.g. for the XPDL generation) from Mid-summer on
> The AgilPro 1.2.0 resources (which were released last week) were already downloaded more than 150 times. Marc will send an email to friend projects concerning this new release.
> Marc will also send a spec about SCOrWARE and its intersection points with JWT
> eMundo will provide a document about the differences and similarities of the AgilPro integration framework and JWT WAM
> eMundo and the University of Augsburg will upload their code to JWT, after rebuilding it: we want to ensure that AgilPro will remain as rich-client plattform application with the JWT plugins at its core. So AgilPro can serve as a sample application of JWT with additional menu's etc. and the plugins themselves can be integrated into every Eclipse workbench.
Did I miss anything, Marc?
Best regards,

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