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Re: [jwt-dev] AgilPro 1.2.0

Hi Florian

Tremendous work, congratulations to you and your colleagues, and everybody at eMundo who made that possible !

I'm going to push these news to the right places and I advise everybody to do the same.

I'll try to give my feedback on this release as soon as possible. Time to think about the next step as well, hear from you Florian at the telco this aternoon ;)

Congrats & best regards
Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Pardeep Sood a écrit :
Hi Florian,

It is good news that  AgilPro  1.2.0 is there :-).


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Subject: [jwt-dev] AgilPro 1.2.0

Hi all,
I am happy to announce the new version of the process modeling suite AgilPro which is available on SourceForge since today. The new version is much easier to handle, has several wizards which assist the user in every-day modeling tasks, shows an overview page at the beginning, enables the import and export of process templates and of course, fixes several bugs which were hampering the modeling of processes. As you probably know AgilPro can be found on the SourceForge site under (the installers are all in English now - different to prior versions). If you have any feedback or comments, please don't hesitate to publish them on SourceForge or contact me directly. Best regards, Florian ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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