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[jwt-dev] [scorware] an interesting project : "WebContent"

Here is about the WebContent project.

About WebContent : (see also )

The WebContent project is mainly oriented toward Semantic Web, document management (size issues, attachments), XML data integration and exchange, peer to peer content management repositories, service and orchestration APIs.

Partners include EADS, CEA, INRA, INRIA.

WebContent and the JoNES project are considering working together. WebContent could provide requirements and scenarii about definition, access to and orchestration of data and document management services.

WebContent and JWT :

JWT's partner project SCOrWare finds its roots in the JoNES ESB-oriented project. The idea would be to propose JWT's features so as to provide a full orchestration platform once the SCOrWare solution and BPM integration on both sides (XPDL integration in JWT, now done by Bull, and in JoNES through Bonita, expected to be done by Open Wide this summer).

If everybody is OK with this position, I'll send to them something along those lines !

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

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