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[jwt-dev] Minutes Meeting Uni Augsburg eMundo

Hi Marc, hi all,
yesterday the stuff of the University of Augsburg (UA) had a meeting with our project colleagues from eMundo and we were not only discussing the current progress of AgilPro, but also of JWT:
Till the end of the week we will deploy the new version 1.2.0 of AgilPro LiMo and Simulator on our SourceForge site which includes several features that will improve the modeling of business processes heavily:
- 1.2.0 includes several wizards (for the creation of new processes, data, applications, roles, etc.)
- 1.2.0 shows an overview page about each model at the beginning where one can easily see which roles are involved, who was the author of the model, etc.
- 1.2.0 allows the export of process templates, so the configuration of a file (package structure, roles, etc.) can be included in a new file
- 1.2.0 fixes several bugs, some of them were thankfully reported by Steve Egbert
- 1.2.0 is fully backward compatible with older versions of the process suite
Await the announcement of the deployment in the next days!
In account of JWT eMundo will provide a document until Friday where all aspects of JWT WAM will be compared with the already existing code of the AgilPro integration framework (IFW) and adapter framework (AFW).
In the summer eMundo and UA are planing to switch the code from AgilPro to JWT. So the AgilPro LiMo will be adapted to JWT WE and the AgilPro IFW and AFW will cover aspects of the WAM (login, monitoring, deployment of processes, etc.)
Best regards,

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