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[jwt-dev] JWT Checkpoint Telco Minutes (3 May 2007)

= Partners =
* An EU project wants to use JWT for managing their BP (see Florian)
* A french research project is interested in the JoNES project (which predates the friend project SCOrWare) ; Ask for a summary for JWT (ask Marc)

= Roadmap =
Agilpro version next week !
* Time to get some buzz out (tss, stp, ml, blogs)
* Will be contributed to JWT once stable. Ask etienne or emo about eclipse code review delays.

From that point on we still need to do many changes to generate xpdl code.
* Right now only architecture, metamodel are done

Florian will meet Gunther, who is doing things that are in line with the WAM
* what level of contribution ? API level would be win-win, see with him

= Community =
* We should be open and write to the community (wiki, mailing lists) rather than keep it only for a subset of the mailing lists
* What about JWT blog(s) ? Push that idea to the community for feedback.

= Next checkpoint telco =
15/05 4 pm

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