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[jwt-dev] AW: Source Forge

Hi Steve,

thanks for the bug in the AgilPro tracker. We were already aware of that bug
and fixed it in the code for version 1.2.0. So, it will be removed in the
upcoming version.

Concerning your questions about the metamodel:

>>Difference between data type and information type:

The data type is thought for the description of the file format and the kind
of file, so for example it could be XML, Word 2007, but also URL or
eu.emundo.agilpro.fw.fe.dto.FileDTO which are used in the adapters of the
Simulation Desktop for simulating the processes. InformationType on the
other side are for describing what functional kind of resource should be
described: is it an order, an invoice, etc.

>>Parameter entries and Data mapping:

A data can contain several parts. These parts are called parameters, as they
are also used for the invocation of applications as InputParameter or (after
execution) OutputParameter.
The DataMapping is responsible for the binding of data elements to
application parameters. An application might need three parameters and a
data might have three parts (parameters). How should the application know
which part of the data is the first parameter (second, third), if it is not
directly bound? It could be possible that the first part of the data is the
third parameter of the application and the other way round. That's why we
introduced the DataMapping concept which binds a parameter of the data to a
(boundParameter) of an application. 

>>Under the Package node in the outline view, I can add strings and integers
as children. However, I cannot use them where data is expected, such as
selecting them in the Input Data dialog. What is the purpose of these
elements and how are they used?

You are right, that's probably a bug. We introduced the simple datatypes in
the metamodel but didn't need them till now. So it went unnoticed that they
were not selectable in the input data dialog. I'll add that one to the bug

Best regards,


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