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Re: [jwt-dev] Re: [Metamodel] Why do not use BPDM as MetaModel ?

Hi Emmanuel

We definitely need to put it on the map, if only because it is advocated as a standard, and because it seems to address and have resolved our very generic metamodel problematics.

However... as Florian said, it would be a little bit hard and too costly to switch from our current eclipse-centric, contribution-based, XPDL targeted first phase to something that looks still a lot farther from concrete implementation. Moreover OMG-based standards have not a good track record of feasability of implementation... Finally it's ties with BPMN are intersting, but if it's the metamodel behind bpmn, what about its ties to eclipse-based metamodels and dsl technologies ?

On a first look I'd say it's redundant with our current approach at the moment. I personally would need to have a deeper look at it though - any experience welcome.

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Florian Lautenbacher a écrit :
Hi Emmanuel,

I agree with you that BPDM is a great meta-model that captures all the aspects that we will need. But it is much too big when you want to implement all aspects in a few month. Using BPDM would take us years to come up with a presentable solution. Therefore, I agree with Marc in one of his former posts, where he said that we should more focus on existing tools and how they can be changed in order to meet all requirements for XPDL, BPEL, etc. than to start from scratch and throw away all existing code. The work from Steve is a great starting point and gives us hints what we will need to change on the current meta-model in order to generate XPDL in the end.

Best regards,

In response to your message on the newsgroup from 11.04./16.04.:

BPDM (Business Process Definition MetaModel) project has started few years ago. The goal of this project is: "This specification has been through a multi-year process within the Object Management Group (OMG) to define a common meta model for the various process notations, methodologies and standards. BPDM also serves as the meta model behind the popular Business Process Modeling (BPMN) notation."

The last proposal for specification has been submited at the end of last month. You can visit the site and see the specification.

I see a lot of advantages:
1) A lot of people have worked on this model and i think they fixed a lot of potential problems 2) This is linked with the BPMN project, the standard in terms of GUI approach
3) This is the OMG standard meta model
4) It covered XPDL and BPEL

So what do you think ?


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