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[jwt-dev] Re: [XPDL] Version?

Hi Wojciech

Thank you very much, this is very valuable input !

Saying the obvious : easing the mapping will obviously help us achieve our goals, and since a BPMN representation is a middle-term must have, easier BPMN support would be very nice.

On the other side, I'm not keen on postponing the current work because we don't have the required XPDL2 competencies right now in order to do a similar study XPDL2 vs AgilPro than what Steve has just done.

Anyway achieving support of both XPDL 1 and 2 is in itself a step towards genericity ^^

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Wojciech Zurek wrote:

Hi Marc,

It is true, that XPDL 1 is a subset of XPDL 2, but...

On the level of activities and transitions it is very similar, but in
terms of details it is very different. We started Business Studio with
XPDL1, and the hat to nearly completely rewrite it for XPDL2. The
compatibility is on the schema level only; the interpretation is
different... unfortunately. Not many things have changed, but new
features changed the way how you model the processes in XPDL2. Mapping
to XPDL1 will be completely different then mapping to XPDL2.

The XPDL2 introduce a lot of features that allows very seamless mapping
to/from BPMN, without bending the rules and adding proprietary
extensions as it was required in XPDL1. In many terms it will be easier
to do mapping to/from XPDL2 as it is using more similar vocabulary to
BPMN and even BPEL.

I can recommend focusing on subset of XPDL2, not on XPDL1, as we had to
throw away a lot of the code for XPDL1 when we moved to XPDL2.
We were planning to open our EMF XPDL2 models, also we plan to enhance
these models with newest features from EMF europa release just after
next release of Business Studio (which will be very soon, and it is
based on XPDL2), and if JWT will be interested we could work together on
this models.


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From: Marc Dutoo [mailto:marc.dutoo@xxxxxxxxxxx] Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 7:23 PM
Cc: Wojciech Zurek
Subject: Re: [XPDL] Version?

Hi Steve

If I'm not mistaken, XPDL 2 is backward compatible with 1 meaning 1 is a

subset. Therefore a safe guess would be targeting XPDL 1 in a first time

and enhancing with the XPDL 2 features that are the most useful to our goals. Though obvioulsy having an XPDL 2 mapping would be a killer

Wojciech, what is your opinion ?

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Florian Lautenbacher wrote:
Hi Steve,

my guess is that we will target the latest stable version of XPDL, meaning XPDL 2. But I'm not an expert in this area as my focus has
more on generation of BPEL code (version 1.1 or 2.0) and I am looking forward to the comments of e.g. the colleagues from TIBCO who are more

familiar with XPDL version 2.

Best regards,


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