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[jwt-dev] AgilPro metamodel vs XPDL schema comparison

My name is Steve Egbert and I am working in the XPDL subgroup.
I have undertaken to address the AgilPro metamodel - XPDL issue.
I am working on a document assessing the compatability between the AgilPro
metamodel and the XPDL schema.
In order to avoid driving off into the weeds for an extended journey,
I wanted to expose my work in progress to the community
and get any constructive feedback that the assembled multitude would want
to provide.

Therefore, attached is the begining of my document.
This is only the start and it is nowhere near complete

Thank you all
Steve Egbert

(See attached file: AgilPro Metamodel.doc)
(it is in MSWord97 format)

Attachment: AgilPro Metamodel.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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