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[jwt-dev] AW: [Jwt-developers] [scorware] 04042007 SCOrWare meeting notes

Hi Marc, hi all,

I agree with you that we should better outline how partners can contribute
to the project JWT. Currently there are ongoing discussions on the
newsgroups about the requirements for a meta-model for JWT and any opinion
on this topic is more than welcome. I kindly ask all participants of JWT to
poll their opinion there, because the elements of the meta-model are the
most important part (the heart) of the modeling tool! 

On the code-side: there will be a version 1.2.0 of AgilPro in the next weeks
and this will then be converted for JWT and will be the codebase for all
future deveploment in the WE area. We are currently working on many features
that are important for a good modeling tool and we only like to contribute
nearly bug-free and stable code as a code base.

Listing the workgroups on the website is a good idea, even though there are
a couple of messages on the newsgroup about it and everyone interested in
JWT can see them there and join the discussions.

Concerning "what is a service in JWT":
in my opinion every application that is invoked during the flow of a process
can be a service. There are, of course, also manual activities, but most of
the others can be executed with the invocation of a service. Currently in
AgilPro most applications are java classes, but we are in the progress of
adapting the meta-model to allow the modeling of web services, too. 
Therefore, the class "Application" (please see the whole meta-model on the
JWT wiki) will get two sub-classes: JavaApplication on the one side and
WebServiceApplication on the other. Modeling with WebServiceApplications
enables us to describe the endpoint, port, method, etc. of a web service.
(but, of course, other services like EJB might also be interesting).

Best regards,


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