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[jwt-dev] [scorware] 04042007 SCOrWare meeting notes

Hi all

I was yesterday with the other SCOrWare members in Paris, France. Here are a few notes of mine about this event.

I depicted to the best of my abilities what is currently happening in JWT. Again there has been the feedback that we should better explain how to contribute to JWT, where is the source code, how to make it work and so on. So a "How to contribute" part and another one to list the workgroups would be welcome on the website and I'm thinking about it.

I've met Samir TATA and Jamel BELAID of the INT lab, with which Open Wide will be adding semantic matching features to JWT. They're interested in service semantic matching as well as semantic orchestration. We spoke of semantic web services technologies like SAWSDL and OWLS. Our fellow JWT member Etienne Juliot of Obeo dropped in to talk about eclipse-oriented ones like EODM (Ontology EMF model).

Seemingly the STP BPMN editor is been transfered to the main STP project. One of its useful concepts is a BPMN annotation editor, which allows to annotate BPMN models with (language or engine specific) extensions.

Feedback welcome
Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

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