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[jta-dev] Possible release of jakarta.transaction-api 1.3.4?


Some time ago I was working on JTA API issue related to OSGi[1]. The changes are already available in master branch of eclipse-ee4j/jta-api/master branch[2].

However, there's PR opened to backport the same changes to RELEASE-1.3.3 branch[3].

The changes (both in master and RELEASE-1.3.3 branches) are completely safe from the point of view of JavaEE and JTA specification, these are related only to how jakarta.transaction/jakarta.transaction-api jar is resolved as OSGi bundle.

Would it be possible to release version 1.3.4 of jakarta.transaction/jakarta.transaction-api artifact to Maven Central?

I'll be happy and honored to answer any questions regarding my PR.

kind regards
Grzegorz Grzybek

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