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Re: [jta-dev] Jakarta Transactions 2.0.0-RC3


Looks good, some issues:

  • The link to maven central has a heading that says "${} API". I suppose it should be "Jakarta Transaction API"?
  • The low resolution png images stick out in the PDF. I think this makes the document look a bit old fashioned.
  • The page with the generated HTML does not show the style sheet and images.

And another thing: The links to PDF, HTML and TCK at are broken.


On 18.09.20 18:07, Tom Jenkinson wrote:

You can find some artifacts for RC3 here: (In particular if you would like to look at the specification PDF and HTML documents you can find them in

A source tree: that has the api 2.0.0-RC3 and spec 2.0 (RC3).

Some test results from which are hopefully using a version of RC3 are here:

I would hope it will turn up in Maven central at some point:

If anyone has any comments please share them. The next steps are to understand some more of what we need to provide for the ballot and try to refresh on what happens with the Compatible Implementation and TCK results.


On Fri, 18 Sep 2020 at 15:40, Tom Jenkinson <tom.jenkinson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I noticed an issue in the built spec docs so have raised: (hopefully the PDF and HTML page will have the date in after)

On Fri, 18 Sep 2020 at 13:46, Tom Jenkinson <tom.jenkinson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I intend to release a Jakarta Transactions 2.0.0-RC3 soon.

I will send an update when it is released.

Hopefully it should help to know if things will go smoothly with the 2.0.0 release.


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