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[jms-dev] MicroProfile Reactive Messaging: Message Driven Beans Redux

For those interested in JMS 3.0, I would draw their attention to

Where an annotation based message driven bean specification is forming.

To whet your appetite, it here is an example:

@Incoming( "myTopic" )
public CompletionStage<Void> processMessage(Message<IncomingMessage> msg) {
 System.out.println("Got message " + msg.getPayload());
 return msg.ack();

Versus I recent JMSnext presentation I saw from David Blevins and Richard Monson-Haefel (paraphrased  here)

public class BuildTaskMessageListener {

   @Destination( value = "TASK_QUEUE" )                   // this could of course be @Destination( TASK_QUEUE )
   @DestinationType( Queue.class )
   @MessageType( ObjectMessage.class)
   public void process( Tazk t ) throw JMS Exception {

Personally for JMSnext I would propose:
1 - discuss having seperate annotations for each of {send-que, receive-que, send-topic, receive-topic} to enable the first two lines to be one line.
2 - I would explore if it is possible to infer the @MessageType from the parameter to the annotated method.
but that is a seperate topic. :-)


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