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Re: [jms-dev] JMS 3.0- make it fit well for JMS over Kafka?


That's a really good idea. I already created an issue that goes in a slightly similar direction:

Based on other Eclipse WGs I also thought about better synergies between IoT messaging like MQTT and JMS, although not sure, if it means something on the API level or more to implementations?

While some, especially Arjan and myself did a lot to improve the codebase (e.g. the duplication of the API) David/Tomitribe who officially leads it was not so available. IBM works on some e.g. JAX-RS, do you think it could also get involved in JMS?


On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 11:56 AM Gordon Hutchison <gordon_hutchison@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Message Folks,

I was wondering what the 'gaps' were between a future JMS 3.0 specification and its use to read and write from Kafka topic queues.

Of course JMS is an API so perhaps some aspects are just completely outside its scope.
Nonetheless, I think it would be interesting to look at.

If JMS was advancing to 3.0 what might be missing that would enable it to fit 'well'
over a subscope of Kafka use cases:

For example how would the JMS {que,topic} work for the Kafka {consumer-group} concept...
could JMS shared subscriptions be evolved slightly to provide a good fit?
"Shared subscriptions can be bound to a client ID, or can exist within a global namespace. If a client ID is specified for a connection that is used to create or join a shared subscription, then the subscription is bound to only that client ID. In this case, the client ID specifies the namespace for the subscription name. If no client ID is specified for a connection that is used to create or join a shared subscription, then the global namespace is used. By using a global namespace, it is possible to share a subscription between multiple connections. This configuration can be used, for example, to allow load balancing of a message-driven bean application that runs on an application server cluster."

If it could be made to have a good fit - could the environment that exits in a JEE context allow some
real customer value add from the container that might be currently missing in the Java SE Kafka client?

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