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[jgit-dev] Approaching release

Today I contributed milestone 6.6.0 M3 to milestone M3 of the Eclipse simultaneous release 2023-06. And I bumped the version on the master branch to 6.7.0. Since I am heading for a week of vacation mid of next week I will tag the final 6.6.0 release next Tuesday. If you have a fix which should reach this release push it for the stable-6.6 branch soon.

Maven builds now need to be run using Java 17 or higher since we had to update Tycho to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT for PGP signing of third party dependencies directly consumed from Maven Central.
Many of these dependencies have been switched to use the new dependency resolution mechanism in Tycho which simplifies version updates of dependencies since we don't need to repack an artefact in Orbit anymore if the artefact available on Maven Central already contains a proper OSGi manifest.


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