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Re: [jgit-dev] JGit Bot failing with "hudson" error

Thank you for this thorough investigation and filing the issue, Matthias!

I see that eclipse/dash-licenses reverted that commit: Revert "Collect, don't just resolve dependencies." · eclipse/dash-licenses@0b14aeb · GitHub. And the JGit Bot has been posting successful verifications since then.

On Thu, Apr 27, 2023 at 2:59 PM Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, Apr 27, 2023 at 11:45 PM Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, Apr 27, 2023 at 11:15 PM Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Anna,

That's a strange problem, earlier this week we fixed the bazel build starting from branch stable-5.13 and
merged that up to master. While doing that I ran both the bazel build and the maven build for each of the
branches and they succeeded.

Since Tuesday all builds on branch stable-6.4 or newer fail with strange classpath issues.

I ran git bisect between stable-6.3 and master and found that jgit commit b398bb91ab28b799ea39dc2d1b5bd0b849392443
( causing the problem. This change configured the dash license-tool-plugin
to fail the build if any dependency isn't yet license-approved by Eclipse. This commit was introduced on branch stable-6.4
and submitted on Oct 15, 2022. This worked for 6 months and started failing this Tuesday. I think the problem is that we
depend on the 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT version of the plugin since it didn't yet publish a release. This means we depend on the
latest build published for this plugin which can change any time.

2 commits were merged for the plugin on Apr 24
I guess one of them is the culprit.

I conclude that the dash license-tool-plugin recently introduced a change breaking the jgit builds.
Reverting the commit b398bb91ab28b799ea39dc2d1b5bd0b849392443 fixes the problem for the jgit build.

I will try to build the dash license-tool-plugin locally and bisect its history to identify the change that broke the jgit build.

Bisecting the history of the license-tool-plugin yields that this change broke the jgit build

I filed a bug for the license-tool-plugin here:  


On Thu, Apr 27, 2023 at 7:14 PM Anna Papitto via jgit-dev <jgit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Matthias,

Thanks for taking a look! 

The portion that you highlighted seems to say that the org.osgi.framework.BundleActivator class is not found in org.eclipse.jgit-6.6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar classpath.

How did you determine that is due to a network error in the japicmp plugin? 

Is 6.6.0 actually the previous jgit release, or is it the upcoming one? 

If 6.6.0 is the previous jgit release, how could we get the japicmp plugin to succeed?

If 6.6.0 is actually the upcoming release, is it possible that recent dependency changes (and have disrupted the classpath?


On Wed, Apr 26, 2023 at 2:23 PM Sohn, Matthias <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I think this job failed due to this error:

00:49:41  [ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.github.siom79.japicmp:japicmp-maven-plugin:0.17.1:cmp (default) on project org.eclipse.jgit.archive: Execution default of goal com.github.siom79.japicmp:japicmp-maven-plugin:0.17.1:cmp failed: Could not load 'Class not found: org.osgi.framework.BundleActivator': org.osgi.framework.BundleActivator. Please make sure that all libraries have been added to the classpath (CLASSPATH=:/home/jenkins/agent/workspace/stable/jgit.gerrit-pipeline.java11/repo/org.eclipse.jgit/target/org.eclipse.jgit-6.6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:/home/jenkins/agent/workspace/stable/jgit.gerrit-pipeline.java11/repo/org.eclipse.jgit.archive/target/org.eclipse.jgit.archive-6.6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:) or try the option '--ignore-missing-classes'. -> [Help 1]


The japicmp plugin is used to compute API changes compared to the previous jgit release.
I guess there was a network issue when japicmp tried to access the artefacts of the previous release.


From: jgit-dev <jgit-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx> on behalf of Anna Papitto via jgit-dev <jgit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, 26. April 2023 at 01:11
To: jgit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx <jgit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: gob-team <gob-team@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [jgit-dev] JGit Bot failing with "hudson" error

Hi there!


Does anyone familiar with the JGit Bot build system have an idea about why all CL uploads from today (April 25) are failing with a "hudson" error?
 shows all recent verifications failing: 




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