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[jgit-dev] JGit signing with smimesign


we are using Git with signed commits (git commit -S) and the configuration with x509 and smart card support via

I've switched from gpg to smimesign and try it with Eclipse EGit / JGit. The working config with native git is:



  signingkey = <some-x509-key>



  format = x509


[gpg "openpgp"]

  program = gpg


[gpg "x509"]

  program = smimesign



  gpgsign = false



  gpgSign = false

  forceSignAnnotated = true


If i try sign commit with Eclipse this issue is shown:

I did not looked at the code yet. 

I think JGit is supporting GPG via Java Bouncy-Castle and does not really call configured gpg program? Or is there a way to configure it for JGit?

Andre (anb0s)

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