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[jgit-dev] Apply help:questions about jgit redirect problem

Hi all
        The JDK version I use is 1.8 and 12, I want to clone repository from our company codes repo.
        The function I use is as below, the git username and password are correct, which I could use by "git clone***/***"

        But when I run the code, it gives back an exception as:
       2022-04-07 16:28:07,200  INFO ExceptionAdvice:46 - [21],服务业务异常,20005,https://username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/baidu/***/***: Redirection blocked: redirect https://username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/baidu/***/***/ -> not allowed

        I‘ve search online found that jgit already supports redirection in 1.8 at least, but which exception confused me a lot, I want to use Jgit package to clone locally.
        And I  want to  ask a help, thanks

Thanks alot


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