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Re: [jgit-dev] [egit-dev] Webmaster wants to get rid of Gerrit

Hi Matthias,

Personally I don't have a strong preference. I'm happy with both workflows.

From a community perspective, Gerrit does come with a learning curve. So "quickly" providing a PR is not easy doable. On the other hand, JGit itself is not a framework one "quickly" provides a PR. However, last time I worked with a contributor he gave up and I ended up implementing the change myself. This wasn't JGit but EGit.

Another thing to consider is the future of the Eclipse project. It looks like it's moving away from Gerrit. In that case, it would hurt EGit additionally because contributors with Eclipse contribution knowledge will no longer have Gerrit experience.

The third thing to consider is the niche of Gerrit. You can probably pull some numbers of how many external contributors were there. I think JGit's decision can be done by prioritizing the wish of the existing committer base over Gerrit's on-boarding costs of new contributors. For EGit I think it's more tough.

In any case, if the decision is to continue with Gerrit I strongly recommend selecting a managed site/instance. Running our own instance on a server is not something I would like to see.

Is GerritForge the company behind It seems that could be the answer to the dilemma I described above.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

On Nov 12, 2021, at 23:41, Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


webmaster opened the issue
since they want to get rid of Gerrit in favor of gitlab or github.

I would personally prefer to continue using Gerrit for several reasons:
  • I clearly prefer the commit-centric review style Gerrit implements over branch-centric PRs or MRs
  • I don't want to lose all the invaluable review comments we collected during the last 12 years developing in Gerrit.
  • Gerrit runs on JGit and we should eat our own dog food
  • I am a Gerrit maintainer (so I am biased)
What's your opinion?

Options if we want to continue using Gerrit and webmaster doesn't provide it anymore:
  • Take over the Eclipse gerrit instance on a project managed vserver at Eclipse and run it ourselves. That's how we started using Gerrit at Eclipse before the webmaster took it over.
  • Move our repositories to a public managed Gerrit site. GerritForge signaled they would be willing to host a Gerrit instance for Eclipse.
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