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[jgit-dev] Webmaster wants to get rid of Gerrit


webmaster opened the issue
since they want to get rid of Gerrit in favor of gitlab or github.

I would personally prefer to continue using Gerrit for several reasons:
  • I clearly prefer the commit-centric review style Gerrit implements over branch-centric PRs or MRs
  • I don't want to lose all the invaluable review comments we collected during the last 12 years developing in Gerrit.
  • Gerrit runs on JGit and we should eat our own dog food
  • I am a Gerrit maintainer (so I am biased)
What's your opinion?

Options if we want to continue using Gerrit and webmaster doesn't provide it anymore:
  • Take over the Eclipse gerrit instance on a project managed vserver at Eclipse and run it ourselves. That's how we started using Gerrit at Eclipse before the webmaster took it over.
  • Move our repositories to a public managed Gerrit site. GerritForge signaled they would be willing to host a Gerrit instance for Eclipse.

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