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[jgit-dev] Committer Election for Ivan Frade on Eclipse JGit™: Java implementation of Git has started

A committer election for Ivan Frade on project Eclipse JGit™: Java
implementation of Git (technology.jgit) was started by Jonathan Nieder with
this criteria:

Ivan Frade is a long-time (three years!) contributor to JGit. In that time,
he has made a number of improvements (85 changes), including
- adding --server-option support to fetch in protocol v2, making UploadPack
and its request object more pleasant to use in the process
- teaching "jgit repo" to preserve the mode of copied files
- discovering a security issue in ref-in-want code (that it didn't respect
- exposing reftable's update-index field, to allow comparing the freshness of
different replicas in replicated setups
- exposing reftable's reverse mapping from oids to ref names
- ReachabilityChecker interface for optimized reachability checking
- hook chain support for installing multiple protocol v2 hooks
- packfile URI usage information in PackStatistics
- unbreaking `ignoreConflicts` (and hence Gerrit's "auto merge" generation)
for modify/delete conflicts

He can be counted on to pay attention to the health of the code he works
with, leaving it cleaner than the way he finds it.

In his reviews <>,
he tends to have useful suggestions, resulting in cleaner code than patch
authors would make on their own.

He has shown good judgment in how to improve the health of JGit's codebase,
so I'd like to nominate Ivan as a committer.

Eclipse JGit™: Java implementation of Git project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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