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Re: [jgit-dev] Does egit or jgit has periodic file system checks?

On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 8:30 PM Lidia Popescu <lidochca@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello to all,

We are using egit (org.eclipse.egit feature ) that depends on jgit (org.eclipse.jgit feature)  into our customized eclipse that runs inside an environment that is license server based for file systems. 
It means that, any time when a file is accessed, a license is checked out for 30 minutes. When it expires it is send back to the pool.
And we do have a limited amount of licenses.

First we used egit 5.4.0, but since we updated to 5.5.0 we started getting some license spikes: For about ~200 users ( who left eclipse open over night with some projects that are not egit projects based ) the licenses have been checked out in about 10 min.  It seems that eclipse is doing something in background with the file system and triggers the license checkout.

And I am trying to identify the root cause. Checking commits in egit, jgit between v. & v. .

And I am asking you, if you are aware about such processes that comes form egit, jgit or its dependencies. 
E.g. Does the egit has a periodic file system scan, for the projects that eclipse has in Project Explorer and tries to automate some auto-association, or something related.

E.g. I do have the job "Compacting resource model" running each 5 minutes, which comes from and it's participant is from org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.SaveManager  implements IStringPoolParticipant , and I am not sure yet which plugin registered this SaveManager and if it is related to our problem.

EGit has the RepositoryChangeScanner which checks if files or the git index have been changed
using external tools running in another process. By default this runs every 5 minutes when the
Eclipse workbench window is active.

This is configurable here: 
Preferences > Team > Git > "Refresh Interval", "Refresh workspace when index changes", "Refresh only when workbench is active"

There's also tracing available: 
switch on tracing under Preferences > General > Tracing
and enable trace for git/org.eclipse.egit.ui/debug/repochangescanner


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