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[jgit-dev] Serve directories like git commits


I have an app/build-tool which checks out a remote git repo, and do the build.

I want to write a bridge which can mimic the smart-http protocol, and can serve directories (or s3 buckets) as bare git-commits (no history, only a single commit with several files in a dir). (I basically want the reverse as do.)

I have close to zero knowledge about how the protocol works on the wire. Can sb hint, how should I start? What docs are recommended? How can I create commits possibly on the fly? (Worst case scenario I can spin up an in-memory filesystem.)

(I saw that jgit as a client can work with s3, but this is not really helpful in my case. I can't modify the client, I can only mimic/mock a valid git server, but at least I only need the clone/fetch feature.)


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