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Re: [jgit-dev] CI Bot is not responding

This is a known problem caused by the old JIPP being constantly overloaded
and the migration to the new Jenkins on the new infrastructure started but isn't completed yet


On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 1:03 AM Matthew DeVore <matvore@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Apparently CI Bot started responding or someone manually triggered it, and so we were just minutes ago able to submit

Matthew DeVore <matvore@xxxxxxxxx> 於 2019年4月16日 週二 下午3:54寫道:

The CI Bot is flaking badly and for the past 25 minutes hasn't responded to "trigger build" messages. On my 3-commit series, CI Bot failed on all 3 commits for different tests, but they all passed locally with "mvn test."

I got the first two commits in because we ran "trigger build" and committer added the +1 Verified score because the CI Bot had a chance to fail. But now I'm having trouble getting submitted (the last one) since it is apparently not supported to remove the -1 Verified and CI Bot stopped responding after the previous commit went in.

Can someone please do some magic so I can get the last commit submitted?

Thank you,
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