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Re: [jgit-dev] CI Bot -1's too often due to flakiness

Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxx> 於 2019年3月22日 週五 上午8:11寫道:
On Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 3:01 PM Matthew DeVore <matvore@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been working on a chain of commits and have been slowed down a lot due to flakiness, which adds a -1 Verified to the commit. When I get a flaky -1 Verified, I have to:

a) change my commit, which is already exactly how I like it, to be slightly different

you don't need to do that, you can trigger a new build by adding a comment to the change in review which contains the string "trigger build"
That's a good tip - thanks :)
b) bug the reviewer to +2 again before CI Bot responds. Fortunately my current reviewer and I are in the same timezone, but I feel sorry for anyone who isn't so lucky.

Here are two of the flakes I've encountered:

Could the config be changed such that CI Bot will only +1 if the tests passed, and in case of failure do what it does now with posting notifications to the change but *not* do -1?

the reason for this flakiness is that the server on which our Jenkins is installed is currently overloaded.
For now I disabled the voter job since today we only got failed or aborted builds.
This means for now reviewers should run the build and tests locally and then set the verified label manually.

Hopefully this will improve as soon as our jenkins moves to the new Kubernetes based Jenkins cluster.
According to Frederic this should happen soon.
OK, thanks for the explanation. It looks like the builds have already started up again.


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