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[jgit-dev] CI Bot -1's too often due to flakiness


I have been working on a chain of commits and have been slowed down a lot due to flakiness, which adds a -1 Verified to the commit. When I get a flaky -1 Verified, I have to:

a) change my commit, which is already exactly how I like it, to be slightly different
b) bug the reviewer toÂ+2 again before CI Bot responds. Fortunately my current reviewer and I are in the same timezone, but I feel sorry for anyone who isn't so lucky.

Here are two of the flakes I've encountered:

Could the config be changed such that CI Bot will onlyÂ+1 if the tests passed, and in case of failure do what it does now with posting notifications to the change but *not* do -1?

Thank you,