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[jgit-dev] A tool I made using JGit

Hello JGit devs!  Thanks a ton for JGit, it's really fantastic.

I wanted to share a tool I made using a very small fork of JGit.  I filled in some of the missing commands in jgit.pgm (cherry-pick, clean, rebase, revert, update-ref) and made some small changes in a few other places.

Some of the changes are kinda low-quality.  I'm using this fork for a new git client I've launched on Kickstarter, so I took some shortcuts since I knew it was only being used in that one application.

I'm pretty swamped at the moment, but if there's anyone else using the pgm part of JGit, I'd like to clean them up and contribute them upstream.

If you happen to be curious about the workflow I use to maintain my fork, I made a short video that shows how I keep my JGit up to date.

Ned Twigg
Lead Software Architect, DiffPlug LLC
340 S Lemon Ave #3433, Walnut, CA 91789

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