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[jgit-dev] Several issues with JGit

Hi, List

We just started using JGit for automating some Git operations
(honestly, we can write some wrappers on the native Git command line,
but want to give JGit a try)

Below are the issues we met, need your kindly advice on possible solutions.
1. JGit merge doesn't support -X options.
Sometimes when doing the merge, because of CRLF differences, the merge
will ended up marking the whole file as conflicting. With the Git
command line, we specify -Xignore-all-space to get around this issue.

2. No pre-receive hook support
When pushing to remote over file:// or /path/to/repo, the pre-receive
hook won't be triggered, while using Git command line, this seems

3. Blame with "ignore whitespace"
When we blame on "merge commit" using JGit, sometimes part of the
conflict will be shown as last changed by the merge commiter.

<<<< HEAD
some changes  - the original committer
other changes  - the merge committer (rather than the original committer)
>>>>>> master

When using Git command line, seems this won't happen.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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