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[jgit-dev] support for merge drivers into jgit

Hi Team

A while back I had started work on implementing and providing support for custom merge drivers along with an implementation of a binary merge driver into JGit. As I mentionned to Christian, we do not plan on finishing these patchs since they have proven to be the wrong direction for us (trying to add support for logical model merging through Team) and they require too much rework to be merged. I had left these changes open, with in-lined comments from the reviewers, in case someone would have a need for them and would be willing to take over from were we stopped (like what had been done on the support for gitattributes on ).

Would you rather I abandon them? I'm talking about the 4 reviews starting from : -> -> ->

Laurent Goubet
fn:Laurent Goubet
org:<a href="";>Obeo</a>

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