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Re: [jgit-dev] countdown for 3.4 / Luna

On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 3:02 PM, Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

- May 28: JGit / EGit contribution for Luna RC2

I taggedÂv3.4.0.201405281120-rc2Âand contributed it to Luna RC2

Changes since 3.4.0 RC1:

f80b41f - 2014-05-27, Matthias Sohn : Fix authentication type names broken by 0b5441a8
c1f11fa - 2014-05-26, Matthias Sohn : Update Luna target platform to Orbit release R20140525021250
44f81d9 - 2014-05-22, Andreas Hermann : Allow to include untracked files in stash operations.
b7e46c0 - 2014-05-22, Andreas Hermann : Fix for reflog corruption caused by multiline message
7d6dcd4 - 2014-05-22, Konrad KÃgler : Improve layout of branches in the commit graph
c4f3856 - 2014-05-22, Konrad KÃgler : PlotCommitList: Remove handling of children that have no lane yet
09f6b18 - 2014-05-22, Konrad KÃgler : PlotCommitList: Refactor lane creation and position allocation
18fdb56 - 2014-05-21, Matthias Sohn : Add missing since tags
1f1e932 - 2014-05-21, Matthias Sohn : Remove usage of IOException(Throwable) not available on Java 5

03faa4a - 2014-05-27, Matthias Sohn : Ensure that transport error in RefSpecPage is logged
d2ee75e - 2014-05-26, Matthias Sohn : Update Luna target platform to Orbit release R20140525021250
0a41e63 - 2014-05-22, Andreas Hermann : Add a flag in the StashCreateDialog to include untracked changes

3.4.0 RC2 is available from

or onÂrepo.eclipse.org

unzipped for direct installation:

zipped for downloading the p2 repository:

corresponding Maven artifacts for JGit are also available onÂhttps://repo.eclipse.org

Please help to test 3.4.0 RC2 and report bugs.

- June 4: contribution for Luna RC3, deadline to submit PMC approved
   Ârelease documentation to EMO
- June 11: JGit / EGit contribution for Luna RC4, final build for 3.4 release,Â
   ÂLuna release review
- June 25: JGit / EGit 3.4 / Luna release

if you have contributed some interesting feature for 3.4.0 you may add some
short description to the new and noteworthy wiki pages