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Re: [jgit-dev] Is it actually possible to set up a new JGit developer environment these days?

> The contributor guide is...disheartening.
> "Note: Eclipse Kepler currently has a bug (see bug 409073) which
> causes the instructions below to fail. You can manually install the
> tools (e.g. from the marketplace)"
> Really? No thank you. Ok, so maybe I just won't use Eclipse.

The bug has been fixed and released in Eclipse 4.3.2 (Kepler SR2),
I updated the note:

So, just use an up-to-date Eclipse and you're fine.

> I have a theory that everybody who actively develops JGit is using an
> Eclipse project they set up >1 year ago after hours of manual labor,
> and we'd each be screwed if that project ever got lost. Which is
> pretty much what happened to me here :)

Nah, it's not that bad.

By the way, I also proposed a change some time ago to enable use with M2E,
which would have made the steps just be "clone, import into Eclipse",
but it was rejected out of fear of slowing down builds:


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