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[jgit-dev] Is it actually possible to set up a new JGit developer environment these days?

The contributor guide is...disheartening.

"Note: Eclipse Kepler currently has a bug (see bug 409073) which causes the instructions below to fail. You can manually install the tools (e.g. from the marketplace)"

Really? No thank you. Ok, so maybe I just won't use Eclipse.

First things first, alias mvn='JAVA_HOME=/path/to/jdk6 mvn', because some java7 bug in plexus-io or something makes maven-source-plugin take literally hours on my laptop.

So mvn package at least works now, except that we have a lot of tests (which is good!) so it takes a long time.

Now, can I run a specific test case? Like, the one corresponding to the bugfix I'm working on?

Google tells me this would be 'mvn test -Dtest=MyTest', but no, maven-surefire-plugin says no tests are found. Something must be busted because -Dtest is supposed to support wildcards and 'mvn test -Dtest=*' gives me the same error. Perhaps 'mvn -pl org.eclipse.jgit.test test -Dttest', but then it expects all the other modules to be installed in my local repo. Again, no thank you.

I have a theory that everybody who actively develops JGit is using an Eclipse project they set up >1 year ago after hours of manual labor, and we'd each be screwed if that project ever got lost. Which is pretty much what happened to me here :) can't get merged fast enough IMHO. (Wish I had more time to help.)

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