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[jgit-dev] Any plan to provide receive.unpackLimit option?


Do you have any plan to provide "receive.unpackLimit" option? I need the option in order to make my JGit server not to unpack large packs.

Git provides the option. When client pushes, Git server unpacks the pack client have pushed if only the number of objects the pack have are less than the value of the option. It reduces the overload of unpacking huge packs.

JGit seems to always parse the pack client pushes regardless of number of the objects the pack have. JGit provides MaxObjectSizeLimit option and the parser seems to abort if it detects an object larger than the value of the option. It is also helpful to reduce the overload but I think "receive.unpackLimit" option is also required because it can stop the parsing in the early stage.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
EungJun Yi

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