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[jgit-dev] GIT 2.0 and BITMAP_OPT_HASH_CACHE

Hi all,

Since git 2.0 introduces the support for the JGIT bitmap accelerator
files, i was wondering if there are any plans to also support the
additions made to the index files in JGIT: BITMAP_OPT_HASH_CACHE

Citing from the documentation:

	When true, git will include a "hash cache" section in the bitmap
	index (if one is written). This cache can be used to feed git's
	delta heuristics, potentially leading to better deltas between
	bitmapped and non-bitmapped objects (e.g., when serving a fetch
	between an older, bitmapped pack and objects that have been
	pushed since the last gc). The downside is that it consumes 4
	bytes per object of disk space, and that JGit's bitmap
	implementation does not understand it, causing it to complain if
	Git and JGit are used on the same repository. Defaults to false.

Full implementation details here:

Best regards,

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