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[jgit-dev] 4.0 branch should be created ASAP

Hi all!

As Axel points out in its previous mail, and if we stick to the Eclipse simultaneous release process, the API freeze for Luna should happen with M6 (on March 7th). As  3.3 is planned to be released on February 28th, it only lets one week to do all API changes for 4.0/Luna. 

IMHO, I think the 4.0 branch should be created ASAP to start integrating API changes like symlinks support. The sooner the better.

What do you think?


Le 8 janv. 2014 à 14:19, Axel RICHARD <axel.richard@xxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Hi,
> I would like to talk about the support of symlinks in EGit/JGit.
> I pushed a review today in EGit, which is an SWTBot test that validates that the UI handles symlinks (doesn't crash or raise errors). (
> With this review, that test symlinks for JGit and with the other reviews associated with symlinks (,n,z), it is, in my opinion, enough to integrate symlinks reviews in EGit/JGit.
> I'm aware that symlinks reviews contain API breaks, so it is not integrable in 3.3 branch and it will be in 4.0 branch at least.
> The time between the EGit/JGit 3.3 release and the Luna API freeze will be very short.
> So, would it be possible to create the 4.0 branch as early as possible, in order to integrate the symlinks reviews and allows to everybody to test it before the Luna API freeze ?
> Thanks you in advance,
> Axel.
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