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Re: [jgit-dev] Buck based build system for JGit?

Am 18.10.13 17:40, schrieb Shawn Pearce:
On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 11:43 PM, Sascha Vogt <FunkyFish@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Also, there might be a few devs out there working on Windows...

Buck partially works on Windows, and FaceBook is continuing to improve
support there. Since I don't have a Windows system anywhere I can't
test this myself. The tricky part is making sure genrules are
portable. They mostly aren't, the Gerrit genrules are really not
portable. We haven't even tried.
That's good news (on the Buck front). Yes - the one time I had to localbuild Gerrit was kind of a PITA. Had to install an Ubuntu VM and get Buck running (which was not that straight forward as I had hoped it would be)

Notice I didn't propose killing Maven, Maven for all its shortcomings
does work on Windows, and does have Tycho to support P2. Two important
facets for JGit that Buck does not do, or does not do as well.
Hence the "Also, ..." - that was just to add the missing Windows support to the list of missing things in Buck (in addition to the P2 / Tycho support). Fortunately Matthias came up with a much more complete list ;)


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