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[jgit-dev] Buck based build system for JGit?

Nice.  I'll have to more closely inspect mdm - that looks pretty cool.

I somewhat frequently get complaints that I don't use Maven.  I think
the main thing Maven brings to the table is dependency management.  So
Maven is a giant tool that downloads jars.  Yeah, ok, it does a ton more
than that - but not that I need.  :)

My solution was to extend Ant to walk the dependency graph and retrieve
jars.  And since I went that far, it may as well offer some other tricks
to make Ant scripts less verbose.  It uses a yaml-ish descriptor file to
define attributes, similar to the pom.  But it allows you to build
multiple apps/binaries from a single project, which AFAIK requires
Herculean efforts with Maven.

<target name="main" description="Prepares, compiles, tests, and packages
your project">
    <mx:init />
    <mx:javac />
    <mx:test />
    <mx:package />


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