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Re: [jgit-dev] listener for porcelain/plumbing commands?

Christian Trutz wrote:
> Hi Shawn,

>> If there are no conversions to be applied (typical default behavior is
>> no conversions) than the obvious fix is to have
>> getEntryContentLength() just return result here.
>> Unfortunately that is not how this is implemented right now. *sigh*
> should I contribute this minimal fix

That would be welcome.  If you plan to contribute more patches later,
the smoothest way to push a patch for review works like this:

 1. Make your patch as a git commit

 2. Log in on

 3. Click on "Contributor License Agreement" and complete the
    form if you agree with it ("You understand and agree that Eclipse
    projects and your contributions are public", etc)

 4. Log on to, go to Settings, HTTP
    Password, and get the password there.

 5. git push https://<username> HEAD:refs/for/master

for more details.


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