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[jgit-dev] Upgrading to JGit 3.0, package migration to 'internal'

Just reporting back about the impact of updating one project (The BFG) that depends on JGit to use a version from the stable-3.0 branch, where many packages have moved to be internal:
  • almost everything is fine, no problem
  • only exception is where the BFG scans packfiles to find big blobs to target for removal. The code uses{ObjectDirectory, PackFile}, and so must now depend on internal packages.
  • to be honest, I can live with calling a bit of stuff from 'internal' packages, if the only negative consequence for me is having to cope with a bit of API churn. It would only really be troublesome if classes/methods became (package-)private and thus only invokable by reflection.
best regards,

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