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[jgit-dev] IndexDiff: ignore rules


I would like to get with jgit the results I would get with git using:
git ls-files -X {ignore-file} -om
git ls-files -X {ignore-file} -i

Thus I wished one can specify to IndexDiff 1) the source of the ignore rules (e.g. discard .gitignore but use a specific file) and 2) whether to apply the ignore rules to untracked files (as is the default) or apply them to tracked files (as is the case for "ls-files -i").

Does it make sense to extend IndexDiff to be flexible like ls-files or should IndexDiff be kept as simple as it is? Depending on that answer I'll plan to either make my own app-specific IndexDiff which is just for my purpose, or one which is general enough so that I can contribute it back to jgit. Or is there some other simpler approach I'm overlooking?


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