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[jgit-dev] Adjusting the org.eclipse.jgit.packaging build for a new module


There is a package in org.eclipse.jgit.pgm that I would like to move
to a separate module, to let packages like Gitiles make use of it
without depending on the entire set of command-line tools.  So I
made a new OSGi bundle for it:

After that change, JGit built with "mvn clean install" still passes
tests and "jgit archive" works as before.  Unfortunately

	mvn -f org.eclipse.jgit.packaging/pom.xml clean install

fails with

 [ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
 [ERROR]   Software being installed: 3.0.0.qualifier
 [ERROR]   Missing requirement: 3.0.0.qualifier requires 'org.eclipse.jgit.archive 0.0.0' but it could not be found
 [ERROR] Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException: "No solution found because the problem is unsatisfiable.": ["Unable to satisfy dependency from org.apache.commons.compress 1.4.1 to package org.tukaani.xz 0.0.0.",

(etc).  By contrast, the Tycho build for unpatched JGit works fine,
even though it relies on org.apache.commons.compress as well.  A
fuller message can be found at the gerrit link above, and a complete
log of Hudson reaching the same error is at

No doubt I made a mistake somewhere, for example in the manifest for
org.eclipse.jgit.archive, but try as I might I haven't been able to
find the problem.  Ideas?  Alternatively, where can I read more about
how Tycho and p2 work?


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