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[jgit-dev] build jobs and status of release 2.3.1

At the moment both Hudson and sandbox Hudson have problems probably caused by a hardware failure Denis reported earlier today.

I disabled the jobs jgit.gerrit and egit.gerrit in order to prevent incorrect votes from these verification jobs. I will reenable them as soon as the problems are fixed.

I tagged 2.3.1 last night and built it but since suffered from a hardware failure last night I wasn't able to publish. Now Hudson is down so I am unable to fully publish the release, so this may take some more hours.

If you are impatient you may give 2.3.1 a try, install it from

At the moment only the p2 repository is available, the jgit maven repository and the zipped p2 repository will be published soon.

Juno SR2 and Kepler M5 contain 2.3.0 which you shouldn't use since it has some bugs, especially [1] is nasty as it may eat your local sources.
The bug was discovered too late in order to bring the fix into these releases.



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