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Re: [jgit-dev] [egit-dev] Any chance for some feeback on those 2 patches?

Hi Tomasz

@JGit: Haven't looked at the code yet, but does it make sense to add a
test case for the new API you added?

I added HookMessageTest# testPush_HookMessagesToOutputStream

That's the only place I found that would allow me to send messages back to the pushing client. I tried by creating a ReceivePack in PushOperationTest but my hooks were not called. Tracing in it looked like
TransportLocal#createReceivePack was the place that's called for packs. No way for me to hook in when doing local tests only?

@EGit: There is a special tag for marking EGit changes dependent on
JGit i.e. "JGit-Dependency", please add it to the commit message.

I looked through the commit log and added a note that I found in several egit-commits:

Note: depends on jgit change I670782784b38702d52bca98203909aca0496d1c0

My patch is about getting server messages as they come in (not only after the command was executed, through #getResults). I implemented it for pushing so that I get some feedback on the suggested approach. I guess that something similar would make sense for fetching, cloning, etc.
Thanks for looking into it!



On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 10:05 AM, André Dietisheim <adietish@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In order to be able to display server message while we're pushing (like
screencasted here:,
I did 2 patches for egit and jgit and pushed those to gerrit: -> ->

Juno SR2is pretty much close ahead, so I'd appreciate a lot if we could get
some feedback on those?


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